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Challenges in sport. Social experiences. Cultural enrichment. PRIDE SPORTS has it all. 

PRIDE SPORTS, its officers, board of directors and its coaching staff, we are committed to our members/players that we will provide a fun, safe, healthy environment for our players. We will provide opportunities for youth to learn the rules of the game. We encourage good sportsmanship and fair play by all participants. It is our desire to have the most competitive teams in the area and to develop our players into top-notch club/academy and college players. We are committed to developing players and teams to their fullest potential by providing the best coaches and facilities. Winning teams will be a by product of our energies, efforts, training, coaching, development and positive influences we have on our players and not as a mission to win at the expense of sacrificing the values for which we strive.

PRIDE SPORTS is an extended family and we promote family involvement and family values. Players/Members should conduct themselves for the good of the game and the good of the club.(Administrators, officers, players, parents) Tobacco, alcohol and non-prescription drugs are prohibited during all training sessions and games. PRIDE SPORTS will not tolerate foul or abusive language; we will not tolerate sexual, racial, or any other type of discrimination. The organization will encourage an atmosphere of openness, cooperation and support. PRIDE SPORTS is committed to investing in its members; through coaching expertise, facilities, Equipment and organizational structure. PRIDE SPORTS will encourage loyalty within the team and the club.

This is it what PRIDE SPORTS is all about .......”A path towards... Powerful, Assertive, Secure, Safe, Inspiring and Outstanding Nation.”

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2nd division I-league Club

"Pride Sports is conducting one day trail for 2nd division I-league squad on 9th january which is going to be conducted by Paulo Pedro.

Passport is Mandatory for this this trial and if the player came without passport ,so he is not eligible for trail"

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